Our journey from public school to Villa Marie Home & School for Exceptional Children….

We are the parents of Creighton Millsap, who attended Villa Marie for 5 years, and graduated in May 2017.
We adopted our son as a newborn baby, knowing that he would most likely have learning disabilities. It was at the age of 9 that he was definitively diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum in 3 areas. We were crushed and relieved at the same time.
We were not crushed for us, but for Creighton. How do you make life easier for a child who is already aware of their struggle, their differences, their abilities & disabilities?
One day at work, Tyler started a conversation with a gentleman who brought up that he had a son with learning disabilities, and asked if we had ever heard of Villa Marie. We called to see if Creighton qualified for their educational services, and we were informed that YES, he did qualify!
Creighton told us right away that he wanted to board at school because “these are kids just like me, they understand me and I understand them. I want to be with kids like me!”
Creighton would come home and talk about the Sisters and how he loves going to school. Our son was back, his natural love of learning had returned, he was happy, talkative, learning and had real friends that loved him in spite of his disabilities.
If not for Villa Marie, our son would not be the fine young man he is. He is confident, self-assured, loves Christ and others, and has done more than we ever imagined academically, spiritually, physically & emotionally!
We are blessed beyond measure and have a debt of gratitude for every person at Villa Marie who has touched our son and blessed our lives in a very special way.
Tyler & Michelle Millsap