Help us reach our goal of $65,000 to provide for the educational experiences our special needs students require.

As a Catholic boarding school we have many expenses that other schools do not have.  Our average cost to educate is $41,000 for 9 months and varies depending upon the number of day and residential students and varying costs for utilities and food. 

It is a God led mission to work at Villa Marie, the biggest benefit and reward being the transformation in the child you are working with.  Our teachers sacrifice higher paying jobs in the public sector to do God’s special work at Villa Marie. They may have all six children in their class working on different assignments at one time.  It’s hard work.  What works for one child doesn’t necessarily work for another.  The education team we have right now is incredible, dedicated, and compassionate. Help us provide them the tools they need to help their students succeed.


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Join us in our mission to provide support and education to these wonderful children

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