He is thriving!  Thank God for Villa Marie!

Our son, John LOVES Villa Marie. He is thriving. He learns, has friends, and fun. This experience has not always been true for our son, as he felt out of place in the mainstream educational system. The Villa Marie staff have given our son a high-quality education, while surrounding him with a feeling of acceptance and belonging.

We adopted John through the foster care system, where he experienced a “rough start.” This rough start has caused our son to learn and develop differently than many children. Our son was frustrated that he wasn’t learning quickly enough, at home and at school. After consulting many professionals, a team of experts suggested that John’s school environment was not meeting John’s needs. This team strongly suggested that we find a school where our son would receive a truly individualized education that addressed our son’s unique needs and unique strengths.

Enter Villa Marie: The loving and well-trained staff meet John where he is at, and help him grow from there. John is now flourishing because of Villa Marie’s loving attention. John is now, finally, on the best path he has ever been. Villa Marie has become a family to all of us. Thank God for Villa Marie!

Mike Sullivan, M.D. & Julie Sullivan LCSW