Villa Marie Staff

Monsignor John Perkinton

Chief Administrative Officer

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Sr. Jeanette Rerucha

Principal and Teacher

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Sr. Paula Watts


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Jenny Chase

Executive Director of Development and Advancement

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Deb Faith- Lay Teacher, 4-H, Art
Doris Dermann- Lay Teacher, Special Olympics Track & Field & Bowling Coach
Maria Waddle- Part Time Para, Therapy Dog Trainer
Diana Kalita- Office Manager and Bookkeeper, Piano Lessons Instructor
Trudy Lee – Food Service Director, Chef Extraordinaire
Sheila Linder- Office Assistant, Librarian
Julie Dahlberg – Part Time Para
Jessica Kluck- Part time Lay teacher
Jeff Hamilton- Chief Maintenance Officer, Running Club
Hermione Lofton- Afterschool Supervision
Jennifer Aldana- Afterschool Supervision
Mariann Kozisek- Volunteer Sewing Instructor
Matt Jilek- Volunteer- Basketball Head Coach
Greg Gibney- Volunteer- Basketball Asst Coach
Pam Murray- Classroom Volunteer
Karlee Geisinger- Afterschool Supervision
Laura Martin- Part-time Para
Chief – Therapy Dog
Beven Flynn- Maintenance